Have you discovered Foodily yet? Search gluten free recipes.

21 Jun

I stumbled upon the other day and I am thrilled. The site indexes recipes from thousands of online sources. The best part is that you can search for an ingredient say chicken but then you can also exclude an item so you can search chicken then in the exclude box type gluten and viola a bunch of recipes show up that match your criteria.

Foodily is fairly new though so the que to add sites is backed up. I was told through email that they are indexes sites as fast as they can and hope to have a faster system in place soon. So if you don’t find what you need today, it may be there tomorrow.

After your recipe results are shown you can narrow your results by clicking on : low-carb low-fat top-rated blogs. Still not enough reason for you to checkout How about the fact that you can invite your friends to join and then search just their recipes. That way when your friend saves a recipe and then uses it at your next get together rather than writing the recipe down for emailing it later you’ll know just where to find the recipe no hassle, no fuss, no hurt feelings because your friend forgot about emailing you the recipe, again…

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