Gluten Free Red Robin – YUM!

22 Jun

I loved Red Robin even before I knew I needed to eat gluten free so I was a bit worried that one of my favorite restaurants would now be off limits. However, I pleased to discover that Red Robin has a lettuce bun and is super, duper accommodating when it comes to any type of food allergy.

Just tell your server what your allergy is and they will note it on the order. The cooks then will take whatever measures necessary to accommodate your need. For gluten free eaters just avoid the bun, anything fried, and a couple of the sauces. Red Robins fries are in dedicated fryers so no worries there and some Red Robins claim that the red Robin seasoning is not gluten free so they may exclude it from your fries. I have not had any problems with the seasonings so you’ll have to decide for yourself when it comes to the seasoning.

If you haven’t already make sure to sign up for the Red Robins Royalty Rewards you get a free burger on your birthday, then every 11th burger is free, and if you go 5 times in 5 weeks you get $20 off your next purchase. You also get a free appetizer just for registering your card.

What I love most about Red Robin are the employees. I have never had bad food or bad service. When I have ventured out of my comfort zone and tried a new burger they were either awesome or my server replaced it with an old favorite. If your ever in Greenfield, WI and you visit the Red Robin here make sure you ask for Nicole B as your server, she is awesome!

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Posted by on June 22, 2011 in Restaurant Reviews


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