Uno’s Gluten Free Pizza

22 Jun

I have never been to Uno’s pizza before so I can not compare the gluten free pizza to their regular pizza. I can say that I was not overly impressed by Uno’s gluten free pizza, but it wasn’t awful either.

The crust is quite crumbly and VERY dry. Normally I think pizza has to much sauce but I think in this case a bit more sauce would have compensated for the extremely dry crust. I am all for thin, crispy crust but the Uno’s crust was to dry, the flavor however was not bad at all. I believe it is brown rice, but the flavor reminded me of whole wheat crust. All in all I would have the pizza again, but I will definitely ask for extra sauce or maybe dip it in ranch dressing.

The server was great, especially since we had a large group which can be difficult. As everyone else food arrived those of us sharing the gluten free pizza were informed that something went awry with the pizza and they were remaking it. In the mean time I took a bite of my friend’s bacon, cheese topped mashed potatoes and had to order some for myself once I confirmed that they were gluten free.

The server brought the potatoes out just a couple of minutes later so I had something to eat while waiting for the pizza to be remade. As we received our checks the server informed me that she had not charged us for our mash potatoes because of the additional wait but she still took my $5.00 coupon off of the total so for $7.25 (tip included because of large party) my friend Violet and I got a whole pizza and 2 sides of wonderfully yummy mash potatoes. So we each left the sweet girl $5.00 and went away full and happy.

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Posted by on June 22, 2011 in Restaurant Reviews


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