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Gluten Free Food at the Wisconsin State Fair

If you live within driving distance of the Wisconsin State Fair you’ve got to take the time to visit. We have an awesome State Fair! There are many gluten free food options at the Wisconsin State Fair. For more information follow this link to read my article published on the Yahoo Network.

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Gluten Free Version of Facebook

Gluten Free Networks is a new social network site for all gluten free peoples. Gluten Free Networks also has chat and groups. I think it will be a great resource for us gluten free people to share products, info, recipes, etc. So when you get a moment check it out and join, its free.


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Have you discovered Foodily yet? Search gluten free recipes.

I stumbled upon the other day and I am thrilled. The site indexes recipes from thousands of online sources. The best part is that you can search for an ingredient say chicken but then you can also exclude an item so you can search chicken then in the exclude box type gluten and viola a bunch of recipes show up that match your criteria.

Foodily is fairly new though so the que to add sites is backed up. I was told through email that they are indexes sites as fast as they can and hope to have a faster system in place soon. So if you don’t find what you need today, it may be there tomorrow.

After your recipe results are shown you can narrow your results by clicking on : low-carb low-fat top-rated blogs. Still not enough reason for you to checkout How about the fact that you can invite your friends to join and then search just their recipes. That way when your friend saves a recipe and then uses it at your next get together rather than writing the recipe down for emailing it later you’ll know just where to find the recipe no hassle, no fuss, no hurt feelings because your friend forgot about emailing you the recipe, again…

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Not Gluten Free…My new t-shirt design.

Well I guess technically the shirt is gluten free, but this post is not related to gluten…My son is going to ROTC Summer Leadership School, Youth Camp, and Youth Congress so we are doing fundraisers all summer long. One of the fundraisers is a new t-shirt I designed and have for sale at The t-shirt is called Names of God, it features a misshaped heart that contains the words such as Adonai, Savior, Jesus, etc. The shirt is $19.99 and my son will receive $5.00 from each sale.

There is also a geocaching themed tshirt that I designed a few years ago, but I just updated the design.

Thanks for looking…BTW I just stopped by Woodman’s so I will have a few new product reviews coming over the next few days/weeks, including 2 gluten free Hamburger Helpers.

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Welcome to Easy Gluten Free Recipes

I am new to the world of gluten free eating. It has been quite a shock and adjustment to go gluten free. At first I was upset, but as I tried new recipes and new foods I actually became excited. There are tons of foods that I never bothered to try because I was stuck on my favorites. Or, like sweet potatoes, I thought the foods would be nasty.

One thing that has not changed about me is I still DO NOT like to bake. However, to reduce my exposure to cross contamination and to save my families food budget I did/do need to find easy recipes to make for some of our favorite foods.

As I discover easy and yummy gluten free recipes I will share them here on my Easy Gluten Free Living blog along with tips for eating out, shopping, etc.


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