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Go Picnic Gluten Free Boxed Lunches

I don’t usually buy boxed lunches or frozen dinners because cost wise per ounce they are expensive and they usually are not very filling. However, a few weeks ago Go Picnic had a $1 sale on some of their boxed lunches because they were short dated. Even with shipping they were less than $2 a meal so I bought 12 of the Steak Nuggets and Cheese.

The boxes came fairly quickly and just in time for a road trip, so as I was packing my in car bag I grabbed 2 of the lunches. Somewhere along the way I got hungry so I grabbed one and was pleased to discover that the box opens up to be a sort of a tray.

Inside I found a small bag of Jack Link’s Jerky, a small bag of Crunchmaster Multiseed crackers, a little thing of Copper Cowbell spreadable cheese, a little bag of Sweet Perry Orchards trailmix, and an Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee along with a plastic knife.

I am not a big fan of spreadable cheese so I started with the cheese just in case it was gross I would have some other flavor to follow. I was surprised to find the cheese was quite yummy and I quickly ran out of cheese but still had a few crackers. The crackers without the cheese are ok, nothing special but not horrible either.

I then moved onto the jerky. I am not a fan of Jack Link’s jerky and the steak nuggets are not any better. So I quickly moved onto the trail mix, which I love. It has big banana chips in it which are one of my favorites plus the ginger peanuts are really good. The trail mix totally makes up for the steak nuggets!

Then onto dessert. I love that there is a little dessert included, which many times I save for when I have a sweets craving. I had never had an Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee before but I love them now.

Amazingly this little lunch is usually filling enough for me. It is great for on the go because I don’t have to worry about refrigeration and it does not take up a lot of room in my bag/purse.

I will probably not order from Go Picnic again though unless they have another short dated sale, just because I cannot justify the cost for my budget.


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